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Staff Links

In the process of redesigning the website, various resources have moved. Items staff are used to accessing may be located on the pages for various departments OR they may be located in the new Staff Portal. Below are some of the more common links you may need.

  • Resources of interest to staff that we do not want public-facing can be found in the Staff Portal portion of this website. Files related to both schools will be found on Staff Portal on the LSS website: Each school also has their own staff portal that can be used for non-public-facing resources that are school-based. Links to those are available on the portal linked above.
  • Anything public-facing related to Human Resources can be found on the HR Department page:
  • The School Support Organizations page is located under the Finance Department section:
  • The LEAP page is located under the Programs and Services area of the website:
  • The Academics Department page is home to sub-pages containing LSS Official Curriculum Documents (pacing guides), Instructional Calendars, Assessment Calendars, and Reading Collections.