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Get Involved

Lakeland School System values parental participation in our schools. It can be scary thinking about getting involved in your child’s school if you don’t feel that your English skills are as perfect as you might like them to be. We want to encourage you to not let that keep you from coming to your child’s school to have lunch, help with a class activity, or volunteer with a school project. There are many ways to get involved, even if you work during the day. Some events happen after school and on the weekend. Your child’s teacher might have activities for you to assist with that you can do from home.

We have an active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at Lakeland Elementary and a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at Lakeland Middle Prep. They have regular meetings you can attend to find out how to get involved. They also sponsor many events for which they need volunteers during the school year.

The ESL program also hosts an annual event in February for multicultural awareness which is highly successful because of parent participation. Information about this event is sent home in the winter to let you know how you can participate. There is always a need for interpreters and translators, so if you are bilingual and interested in helping this way, let your ESL teacher know.

One of the most important ways you can be involved is through helping your child with his or her homework and projects. It can be difficult to understand how to do this if your English skills are limited. Here are some ideas to help:

  • Encourage your child to read, either in their home language or English
  • Allow your child to watch kids’ TV shows in English
  • Ask your child to read to you in English
  • Use a translate option on the computer like Google Translate to interpret homework questions
  • Encourage your child to use educational games and programs online (see resource tab)
  • Ask siblings or relatives to help your child study things like spelling words and math facts
  • Communicate with your child’s teachers if there is anything you don’t understand; don’t be afraid to ask questions