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Substitute Teaching


Lakeland School System substitute teacher applications are screened year-round with in-person trainings conducted at least quarterly. If you are interested in becoming a substitute with LSS, apply today!

Certified substitutes are applicants who hold a valid Tennessee teaching license.  A certified substitute may be called for daily work or for long-term assignments within the substitute’s area(s) of certification/endorsement.

Non-certified substitutes are applicants who hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university, but do not hold a valid Tennessee teaching license. A degreed/non-certified substitute may be called only when the teacher of record has paid sick leave. Non-certified substitutes without a degree can be hired based on previous experience with approval by the Central Office. A degreed/non-certified substitute is not eligible to be placed in an interim position, unless a temporary license can be secured.

Substitute teacher rates of pay are listed below (effective 09/22)

  • $120/day for non-certified subs
  • $155/day for certified subs
  • $175/day for long-term subs (this is 41+ days)

Interim assignments are contracted positions and are offered through the Human Resources Department. Certified substitutes who have been assigned to interim positions are paid on the regular teacher salary schedule based on their training and experience.

Substitute Resources:

Substitute Handbook

Red Rover Substitute Management System