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Facilities & Maintenance

Lakeland Elementary School was opened in 2001 with an initial footprint of 117,000 square feet. A 13-classroom addition along with an expansion of the cafeteria added an additional 17,000 square feet to the building. 

Lakeland Preparatory School consists of a 113,000 square foot middle school wing which opened in 2017, while the 230,000 square foot high school addition received the system’s first 9th grade students in August of 2022. The LPS campus also boasts 26,000 square feet of athletic buildings to accommodate the school’s numerous athletic programs. The school also utilizes a five-field athletic annex that shares space with the City of Lakeland’s recreational athletics programs. 

Our Maintenance and Facilities Manager oversees all school facilities and works with the plant managers at both schools who are responsible for day to day cleaning and maintenance.


Jeremy Hayes

Jeremy Hayes

Maintenance & Facilities Manager
Torey Johnson

Torey Johnson

Plant Manager - LES

Reggie Massey

Plant Manager - LPS